Sports Live Betting on Primobet

Primobet is one of the leading sportsbooks in Serbia, delivering markets for most professional sports, including football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and hockey. These different events and their respective competitions contribute to the wagering portfolio of Primobet. The sportsbook's respective odds/coefficients for these events are among the very best, giving players significant wins for successful stake results.

A peculiar type of market that also has promising potential for Serbian gamers is live betting. This particular option provides coefficients for events that are already underway, giving registered Primobet players the opportunity to improve their winning chances. The fact that matches or contests are ongoing gives potential punters a more calculative and unique advantage. They get to consider players' morale, team spirit, and other essential metrics when predicting outcomes.


Staking on ongoing games in this sportsbook opens you to a different type of thrill that you probably won’t find anywhere else. The best part is that you can play on your PC or a dedicated mobile app and play on the go.

How Does Live Betting Work?

Live wagering can be quite profitable with a balance of luck and strong logical and analytical capabilities. The way the system works differs from pre-match events, and understanding it is the first step to making the most of it. Here are some facts about this unique wagering option.

  • What it is: This system basically means wagering on ongoing matches. Almost every ongoing sports event at Primobet offers live odds that registered members can exploit. These coefficients can be big, small, or average. They totally depend on what is happening in the active events. What makes staking on these contents special is the high predictability accuracy that comes with it. The entire concept gives players a new window to improve their winning opportunities and make the best of what they have.
  • Markets available: The markets available differ for active games, to an extent, differ from pre-match options. Of course, the Match Winner option may still be available, but this is not always the case, especially when the winner is already obvious. The popular markets that you will find are those that are influenced by minute-by-minute situations. It could be which team gets the next yellow card, the next goal, or other individual-based stats.
  • Consistent change in odds: Changes in betting coefficients are one of the consistent features of this type of system. Every minute, the coefficients across different markets adjust as real life events unfold. However, the coefficient with which you place a wager does not adjust, which is why you should jump on an impressive number before it changes.
  • Cash out option: Most coefficients for ongoing matches are less likely to offer a cash-out feature. In fact, the only time you may get an active cash-out option is when your prediction seems likely to be successful. So, when staking on an active game, it is best to rule out the possibility of cashing out, especially at the closing moments.
  • Payouts: Getting paid after a successful live wager is similar to being paid on any successful pre-match bet. Your wins are instantly acknowledged by the sportsbook and sent to your account. You may withdraw it through your connected banking system when all wagering requirements (if they apply) have been satisfied.

Based on the factors above, it is clear that staking on an active event brings a whole new opportunity and experience for players. Fortunately, Primobet registered members can employ certain tricks and strategies to make the best of this system. Some of these include:

  • Quick decision making: As it is obvious, odds on active games change quickly, which means a perfect coefficient could drop to nothing within minutes. So, you have to be fast when exploring the available markets to exploit the unique advantages that these coefficients offer.
  • Bonus use: Do not hesitate to use promotions as much as possible. The platform has several rewards that you can use for real-time wagers, including freebets. Just find the right markets and fund a stake with your free money. This particular live betting strategy offers you the opportunity to win for real without even risking your deposit.
  • Focus on a few contests: Do not try to cover all the ongoing markets at once. It will be overwhelming to keep up with every offering across 20 to 50 contests. Simply focus on 5 or fewer at a particular time and choose the coefficients that impress you the most. This way, you can place your wagers more quickly and with better accuracy.
  • Watch the games or follow analyses: Watch the games whose coefficients you plan to exploit. That way, you get to see the morale level of contesting teams and will have more luck predicting the next outcome. While your prediction does not offer certainty, it will be more informed. If keeping up with the games on screen is too much, then follow real-time commentary to aid your decision.

Sports for Live Betting

Most of the sports hosted at Primobet offer real-time odds. While these coefficients may differ according to the nature of each contest and its rules, they are very well available at Primobet for registered members to exploit. These sports include tournaments that enjoy mainstream screen views and those with limited reach and are often ignored by most sportsbooks. The coefficients are also quite competitive and give you a good chance to make a good amount of cash from them. Here are some of the sports that offer you real-time markets.

  • Soccer: Soccer, typically called football in Europe, offers the vastest wagering options for ongoing matches. Fans of the sport enjoy multiple tournaments that grace their screens annually, each organizing multiple matches that translate to markets at Primobet. Some top real-time wager options you will find mostly cover Next Player to Score, Next Team to Score, the number of yellow cards, and specific individual-based defined stats.
  • American football: American football is the most popular tournament in the United States, with the National Football League (NFL) leading the way. This particular sport is big on real-time wagers as well, delivering odds for individual and team performances. Popular markets include Next Team to Score, Next Scoring Play, and Total Points in the Next Quarter.
  • Basketball: Considered by many to be the most popular sport after football, basketball enjoys vast coverage at Primobet. Its pre-match coefficients are excellent, and so are its active odds during ongoing games. Players have multiple real-time wager options to explore in this sport and enjoy nice win opportunities. They can stake on specific points accumulated by players, the next team that scores, and other specific dynamics of the game.
  • Professional tennis: Primobet also has nice real-time markets for professional tennis lovers, letting them explore their chances at ongoing events. Interested players can stake on outcomes that are yet to be determined, specific point accumulations, and many other options. The particular wagering possibilities available to them totally depend on the ongoing contest and its surrounding events.
  • Baseball: This sport is among the big 10s at Primobet, offering you superb stake options and competitive odds. There are also real-time wager options that you can jump on with impressive coefficients. You could stake on the Next At-Bat outcome, the Next Team to Score, and specific player-based odds and stats.
  • Cybersports: Even esports have live betting options that Serbians definitely do not want to miss. The unorthodox sports option offers real-time wagering options during face-offs that include match winner, round winner, map winner, and total kills/deaths.
  • Hockey: Many Serbians find hockey extremely enjoyable and are delighted by the fact that there are quality odds to explore for ongoing contests. Primobet provides these options for most hockey events all over the world, giving its players the luxury of choice. Most of the markets surround individual-based performance but are not limited to them. Players can also stake on the team to score next, the next penalty outcome, the next empty net goal, and total power plays.
  • Golf: Golf has been widely considered as the big money sport because of the widely covered earning of its biggest stars. Fortunately, it is not only the performers that benefit, with punters also enjoying standout opportunities to earn good wins with real-time odds. Primobet, as expected, hosts very competitive coefficients for players who are looking to exploit ongoing contest circumstances. Popular options include tournament winner, hole winner, top 5/10 finish, matchup betting, winning margin, and hole-by-hole betting.
  • Cricket: Cricket is another top sport that delivers thrilling results for both supporters and gamblers. This sportsbook has all the best wager options that you would want to get your hands on during active games. Popular wager options include the next wicket method, the next batsman to be dismissed, and total runs in the next over.
  • Mixed martial arts (MMA): The MMA is one of the most physical sports covered at Primobet, offering you the chance to make good profits. Each fight offers you unique coefficients that you can explore as the performers get to it in real time. Some of these include the method of victory (knockout, technical knockout, decision), round betting, round totals (under/over), and the next fighter to bleed.
  • Motorsports: Players registered to Primobet have the enviable opportunity to explore real-time wager options on Motorsports events. These include contests in the popular Formula 1 & NASCAR. You may wager on the top race leaders or pit stops, among many other options that the platform may provide, based on the circumstances surrounding each event.

Different Types of Markets in Live Betting

There are over 50 distinct sports that offer live wagering options for registered members at Primobet. The versatility of these sports makes the platform one of the best betting sites to enjoy unique and competitive odds. It is essential to note that the odd coefficients differ in expression across sports. Some live markets offer moneylines expressions, while others may be presented as decimals and fractions. That said, here are the major live markets to explore based on the activities of Serbians in online sportsbooks.

  • Moneyline/Match winner: This particular option allows players to stake on which team will win an ongoing game or match. It is essential to note that Primobet may not allow this option for matches that are in their closing minutes or have a clear winner already determined based on massive goal/point differences.
  • Totals (Over/Under): You can place total bets even on active contests. Primobet typically offers you odds on whether a team or player will go over or under an outlined number of points/goals/kills in a contest or round. Find these types of odds when the contest has not gone more than the halfway point because that is when they are the most competitive.
  • Player propositions: Individual player-based market options are very popular in live betting. These odds are usually about the possibility of particular players fulfilling a particular task in an ongoing game. Some options include:
    1. Next player to score.
    2. Total yards gained by a particular player.
    3. Next player to be penalized for a foul.

Most sports have their particular-based odds on ongoing matches with Primobet delivering great odds to exploit.

  • Quarter or half betting: It is very common for this sportsbook to deliver odds on quarter or half results even when the contest is already underway. These could include markets on player-based performances, team performances, and many more.
  • First to a defined number of points: Depending on the type of sports, Primobet may provide live markets on which team or player reaches a defined number of points first. Try to enter this market early before it is removed.
  • Cards, corners, and related events: For some sports, especially soccer, you can place live bets on which team accumulates the highest number of corners, cards, freekicks, and even penalties. There may also be the option to bet on which player or team gets a red card.

How to Bet at Primobet

The live betting experience at Primobet is unique and elevated to satisfy its registered members. Hence, getting registered is the very first step to exploring this unique system that can see you improve your bankroll and balance massively. There are other factors that you should also consider to enhance your experience and improve your overall winning probability.

  1. Create an account: You must create an account with the sportsbook. Simply tap the sign-up icon and provide all relevant personal details like your mobile number, preferred currency, country, email, and password. Confirm all necessary information and verify your account with relevant documents once you successfully create it.
  2. Deposit to claim bonuses: Credit your balance with at least 20 EUR and as much as 200 EUR to claim the welcome freebet. This promo works for both pre-match and live betting options, making it perfect for you. However, it is not the only bonus that you can exploit. The sportsbook consistently improves its rewards to give you more wagering power. Also, there are comboboosts that you can explore to enhance your odds when you make a good parlay.
  3. Pre-match bet: If you hope to stake on pre-match events, head to the relevant sports window to see the list of contests for the day. Open your preferred event and place bets on the odds you find favorable. Alternatively, check the homepage screen to see the different top matches and face-offs that you can stake on. Open the ones that catch your interest and select the odds you find realistically favorable.
  4. Live bet: For live betting simply head to the ‘Live’ page on the sportsbook to see ongoing contests. Tap on the event that catches your interest and place a bet on the odds you feel are likely to be successful. Employing early predictions and tips from experts or Primobet can prove helpful at this stage. 5.Payouts: If your single or parlay bet is successful, Primobet calculator will determine your payouts and send it to your account instantly. You may withdraw the money after all attached wagering requirements (when they apply) have been satisfied.

Thankfully, enjoying the different odd multipliers in this sportsbook is easy, as is shown in the steps outlined above.