Primobet Soccer Betting in Serbia

Primobet is the home of sports betting in Serbia, with superb markets for soccer, American football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, and many others. The sportsbook provides odds (coefficients) on the different tournaments of these sports annually, providing players with unlimited markets.

Soccer particularly accounts for a large percentage of Primobet markets, with each 90-minute match hosting more than 15 different options. There are more than 400 soccer-related competitions hosted annually, and many of them are covered by the sportsbook. You can access futures, pre-match, and live markets on these events as a registered member.


This platform not only delivers quality soccer coefficients. It also hosts multiple bonuses and freebets for placing wagers. There are dedicated comboboost enhancers that improve the payouts of parlays and the subsequent profits from winning tickets.

With Primobet, registered Serbians can play on the go with their smartphones. The platform is one of the few online betting sites with a dedicated mobile app available in both Android and iOS variations. It is immersive, fast, and great for getting result updates on your stakes.

Matches and Tournaments to Bet on

Registered Primobet players are treated to a vast collection of soccer matches daily, each delivering multiple markets. Soccer in Europe and the global space is more than just a sport. It is a culture and way of life religiously adhered to by both women and men alike. Hence, it is not surprising that over 50 live matches are played on any single day around the globe. Primobet covers most of these tournaments, delivering hot markets and competitive odds that Serbians can explore for massive winning opportunities.

Here are some of the popular matches and tournaments Primobet covers:

  • UEFA European Elite competitions: UEFA football Tournaments are the biggest club-based competitions in the world. There are currently three competitions, comprising:
    1. UEFA Champions League
    2. UEFA Europa League
    3. UEFA Conference League

Each of these competitions hosts massive betting types that you can explore. A single UEFA match has more than 30 markets, giving you the luxury of choice.

  • World Cup: Played every four years, the World Cup tournament is the pinnacle of professional soccer contests. Unsurprisingly, its participatory period, which lasts only a few months, attracts millions of Soccer bet lovers. Every game provides punters with multiple bet options and nice coefficients that promise good payouts.
  • Continental tournaments: These are international tournaments between countries on the same continent. Primobet covers these competitions, offering its registered gamblers a chance to access odds on 100+ contests annually. Popular Continental tournaments are the UEFA European Competition (Euros), Copa America, and African Cups of Nations (AFCON).

These tournaments and their respective matches are just part of the many matches that you will find at this sportsbook. Friendlies, one-off intercontinental competitions, grassroots contests, and local leagues are all covered here.

Strategies for Maximizing Primobet Soccer Match Odds

There is no exhaustion of soccer matches that you can stake on at Primobet. However, it is generally recommended to make the best of your budget and exploit easy odds that have realistic chances of becoming a success. Here are some strategies that you should implement to use and maximize daily soccer coefficients properly.

Focus on Tournaments You Know

You will come across over 10,000 distinct odds and markets at Primobet every week. However, you don’t have to stake on all of them. You should be able to determine your primary betting field by focusing on tournaments you are quite familiar with. This is because you know the capability of most of the teams, helping you make better choices when selecting coefficients to wager on. You are more confident in your decisions because they are backed mostly by logic than emotions. Only explore odds from less familiar soccer leagues and tournaments when your primary field does not have the desired coefficients.

Work With Prediction Tips

Primobet does offer tips on some matches to guide players' odd predictions. These predictions are often helpful and give you insights into contesting teams' various strengths. You can use them as inspiration when creating your parlay or single ticket. Predictions and tips are some of the best ways to wager on tournaments you do not know much about. They broaden your scope and allow you to explore new leagues that may be more rewarding than the local ones you are more familiar with.

However, note that the sportsbook suggestions do not offer certainty of success. They only provide you with possible outcomes based on expert analysis of contesting teams’ forms, depth, and classes.

Consider Wagering on Live Matches

Do not sleep on live markets. They are secret gemstones that many Serbians hardly ever exploit. Why not check the odds available on an ongoing match and take a small risk for much more massive gains? Before betting on an ongoing game, look up the Primobet soccer live score tab to determine the best course of action. The odds available for these matches are often limited, but you can still exploit the ones you find, as they are often rewarding.

Use Bonuses

Do not miss out on your chance to always claim these sportsbook bonuses and use them to fund your parlay. There are different freebets to claim and massive comboboosts to enhance your odds significantly. The platform updates its offers quite regularly, and you can exploit each one for risk-free bets that have high reward potential.

How to Bet on Soccer at Primobet

Primobet has all the events you need for consistent and stable soccer wagering as a registered gamer. You are provided with thousands of coefficients weekly, which can be rewarding. This section highlights the steps to betting on soccer markets in the sportsbook.

  • Register: Create an account with the sportsbook, providing real personal details like name, age, phone number, email, and a unique password. You must be at least 18 to have an account and play on this platform. After completing your registration, verify your account with relevant ID and Address documents.
  • Fund your account: Make a valid deposit of 2400 RSD or more into your new account. Depositing up to 70,000 RSD will see you claim the full welcome freebet bonus for new players. There are other multiple offers that you can still claim over time.
  • Explore the soccer section: There are many hosted sports at Primobet, each with its section. Navigate to the dedicated Soccer page window to find all major upcoming matches and their respective markets. You can start your first online betting round with these events or explore more options by checking different league menus. Note that coefficients are only available for matches that are scheduled to kick off within a week.
  • Place your bet: To bet on a market, simply tap the odds you feel will be successful. You can stake on a single market or create a parlay and enjoy comboboosts. After selecting your game, tap the ‘Bet’ icon on the screen and process your payment. The stake becomes active afterwards.
  • Check results: You can check your results in the active bet section of the sportsbook. Downloading and installing the app on your Android and IOS smartphones makes it even easier to follow up on your active bets.

Primobet Soccer Odds

This sportsbook has a mission to make betting online extremely easy and this is evident with the versatility of its odds. Odds or coefficients are expressed as moneylines, fractions, or decimals, depending on the type of sport and what the target gamblers are familiar with. Obviously, for Soccer, decimal coefficients are the most popular expression globally. This expression is also maintained at Primobet, making it easy for Serbians to stake and easily calculate their returns.

A decimal odd payout is quite easy to compute. Here is an example: A 12.000 RSD bet on a 4.6 coefficient makes your expected payout 12.000 x 4.60 = 55.200 RSD. Subsequently, your expected profit becomes 55.200 RSD – 12.000 RSD = 43.200 RSD. This computation style is consistent across all decimal odds. However, if you are not a fan of math, then you can use the Primobet calculator to determine your expected payouts and profits for both singles and parlays.

Now, the higher the coefficient of a team, the less likely it will accomplish the feat in such high numbers. However, it does not mean that such an outcome is impossible, as team morale and form can play a factor.

Here is an example: Manchester City (1.11) vs Crystal Place (4.50).

If both odds represent their winning chances, then it means Manchester City are by far the favorite while Crystal Palace are the underdogs. This interpretation is consistent with all types of bets.

Soccer odds in this sportsbook can change based on real-time events. A 4.60 coefficient could increase to 4.65 or drop massively. Hence, when you see odds that you like, it is best to place a wager on the spot and not suffer any potential substantial decrease that negatively affects your expected payout.

Types of Soccer Bets Available to You

Soccer, being the biggest sport in the world, offers gamers different markets to exploit. Serbians are treated to up to 15 distinct markets for just one soccer match, and they can create a short or long parlay as desired. This section considers the different wager options that lovers of this sport can place at Primobet.

  1. Match result (1X2): This is predicting which team wins a match. Choosing 1 means selecting the Home team to win, while picking 2 means you are casting your confidence on the Away side to emerge victorious. Picking X is predicting that the outcome will be a draw.
  2. Double chance (1x, 12, 2x): This market allows you to select two possible final outcomes for a game.
  • 1x: Home team wins or draws.
  • 12: Home or away team wins.
  • 2x: Away team wins or draws.
  1. Draw no bet: Here, you are staking that a particular team must win the match. If the other team wins, you lose your stake. However, if the outcome is a draw, your money is refunded.
  2. Totals (Over/Under): This is betting that a game's total number of goals will be higher (over) or lower (under) than a specified number Primobet provides. Both the over and under have their respective odds, and the platform may provide multiple set numbers of goals to wager on.
  3. Correct score: This involves predicting the total score of a particular game. There are multiple options for this type of wager.
  • The straight prediction is the type you predict the final score based on one scoreline. Straight predictions often have very high coefficients.
  • The other type of prediction is in ranges, letting wager on multiple possible scorelines.
  1. Both teams to score (BTTS): This is placing a wager on both teams to score in a game. The final result of the game does not matter for this stake.
  2. Half time/Full time: This particular market allows you to predict the scoreline during Half Time or Full Time.
  3. Asian handicap: This special stake sees you place a particular team at an advantage or disadvantage in terms of goals. If you assign a – 2 handicap to Team A, then they must win Team B with more than 2 goals. If your prediction is correct, you win. Here is an example: If you subject Manchester City to a Handicap of 3 goals to Wolves, then you are implying that the former must win with a goal difference of at least 4 goals. The wolves do not necessarily need to score in the contest.
  4. Goal scorers: This is predicting that a player may score the first or last goal of a contest. Also, you could place a wager that the player scores in the match at any time.
  5. Parlay (Accumulator): When you combine multiple stake options in a single wager, then you have an accumulator or parlay. Parlays are very popular in soccer and can improve players' winning chances. This sportsbook enhances (comboboost) the odds of accumulators and parlays with a benchmark number of bets.
  6. Propositions: If you stake on events that do not directly depend on the outcome of a game, then you have placed a proposition bet. Predicting the number of corners, cards, and freekicks in a match are all different prop wagers.
  7. Outright stakes (Futures): There is the option to wager on an entire league or competition in football. However, this is mostly done before the relevant tournament kicks off. Most of the time, it is possible to wager on which team wins the competition, which striker wins the Golden Boot, which striker does not score throughout the season, and many more.
  8. Live wagering: These are stakes that are placed when a game is already underway. The coefficients available for these markets are often adjusting to real life performances.

Claim Bonuses for Betting on Sports

It’s important to mention that gamers in Serbia have a lot of options here when it comes to soccer and sports betting as a whole. Therefore, at Primobet, there are top promotions that registered members may grab, and some of them are outlined below:

  • Welcome bonus: This promo is dedicated to new players, offering up to 35.000 RSD at a 50% payback rate. Hence, you need 70.000 RSD to claim it all and no less than 500 RSD to grab its minimum offer. You can use the reward for your soccer bet and other sports wagers. So, it is possible to create a parlay and enjoy enhanced odds from the Sportsbook. However, do not forget to fill in the code POBEDA in the relevant field when depositing for this offer.
  • Hunting: Maximize a 300% bonus on hunting events and earn real wins. This package is available on your second deposit, lasts for a month, and is delivered to you in installments. What’s more, all you need to do is deposit as much as you can and enjoy a full-month special to improve your bankroll massively.
  • Free bets: Primobet is never short of freebets, offering all three variants to both new players and veterans. You will enjoy the OnlyWin, AllWin, and NoRisk freebets over time on this betting platform as you continue your journey with it. Simply stay active on the platform and continue wagering on your favorite sports and soccer matches. Primobet will alert you when new freebets are added to its bonus portfolio and provide the relevant codes for activation.

As you can see, there are tons of amazing markets and competitive odds that they can explore for real wins. The best part is that they can actually maximize the bonuses offered at the platform to stake on their favorite sports events.