Primobet Basketball Betting

Basketball is a significant part of the Primobet gambling community, with thousands of markets and super odds available weekly. This sportsbook hosts the hottest basketball events in Serbia, giving it an edge over its competitors. What is more? It offers vast coverage, hosting over a thousand markets in any particular week.

Every Serbian who is at least 18 can join this platform and kick off an epic journey complimented by weekly bonuses and special offers. You can grab unlimited rewards here, including freebets, no deposit promos, and match bonuses. Some are available as newbie gifts, while others are recurring, offering you substantial cash weekly.


You may wager with your PC or mobile device at Primobet. It is fully optimized for mobile and even has a dedicated PWA that works on standard Android and iOS devices. It is up to you to choose the most convenient medium of play and win big with lucky tickets.

Read this guide to learn about the platform’s basketball section, including the most popular markets and events worth betting on. Also, discover the enriching bonus waiting for you when you make your first deposit as a player.

Types of Bet Available

Be ready to explore different basketball markets at Primobet. The sportsbook does not hold back and distributes different wagering options and competitive odds to match. See the major markets that you will find in an average contest.

Moneyline (Match Winner): This option lets you predict which one of two teams will triumph in a game.Point Spread: Point spreading involves wagering on a team to win by more than a specified point margin. It could also include betting that a team will not lose by more than a specified point margin.

Atlanta Hawks: - 9.5

Chicago Bulls: + 5.5

If you placed a wager on the Atlanta Hawks, then they must beat the Chicago Bulls by more than 9 points to win. On the other hand, if you stake on the Chicago Bulls, you win if they do not lose by more than 5 points to the Atlanta Hawks.

Totals (Over/Under): You may stake on whether the total points of a match will surpass or fall below a specified number this sportsbook provides.
Propositions: These are markets on the individual performances of players and teams. It could include predicting the player to get the highest foul, the team to score the highest number of three-pointers, or the player to score the most goals.
First Half/Second Half: It is possible to predict events on a match’s first or second half, instead of the entire game. You can bet on who wins a half, the total points to be scored in a half, and similar options.
Futures: These are long-term wagers you place before a major competition starts. They include predicting who wins the basketball championship, the player to win MVP, and other major outcomes typically determined at season completion.
Live (In-Play): You can access live basketball odds for ongoing games. Of course, the markets are often limited, but you will find options like Next Player to Score and Next Team to Score. Live markets can offer interesting opportunities, and you should always look out for them.
Parlay: Parlay is a ticket with multiple wagers from different contests. It is a mother bet with more than 2 distinct bets on it, creating a combined total multiplier that promises significant winnings. This site has comboboost promotions for parlay tickets, and you can consider maximizing them for more enhanced odds. However, it is important to note that if one wager in a parlay is unsuccessful, the entire ticket becomes invalid.

Famous Basketball Events

Every sports enthusiast knows the NBA. It is the first competition that comes to mind when the name basketball comes up. As expected, Primobet provides massive markets and odds for the tournament and many others. Meanwhile, new basketball punters often overlook these other tournaments, which isn’t the best decision, as they often offer competitive odds. Here, we spotlight some of these major events to familiarize readers with them so they can expand their wagering options.

EuroLeague Basketball: The EuroLeague is arguably the most popular basketball competition outside the NBA, featuring the best European teams from different parts of the continent. It oversees some of the most prestigious matches, starting with a Round-Robin format and then advancing to the Playoffs and the Final Four. These last four teams compete against themselves to determine the champion. The EuroLeague also has a relegation zone known as the EuroCup, a spectacle in its own right with promising markets.
EuroCup Basketball: EuroCup is the EuroLeague relegation phase, offering professional teams the chance to break into the more advanced competitions. There is a regular season that is immediately followed by knockout rounds and then a final series. The versatility of the competition makes it a fruitful ground for super odds.
Basketball Champions League: Another European competition, the Basketball Champions League attracts different teams to compete for championship bragging rights. This tournament is distinct because it has a Relegation and Promotion system. Top teams from the Second Tier (Relegation) can enter the regular BCL, displacing the latter poorest performers. The BCL starts with a regular season and advances to the playoffs before reaching a final four knockout stage to determine the champion.
FIBA Basketball World Cup: Held every four years, the World Cup consists of teams from around the globe. There are multiple qualification rounds leading to the main World Cup event, including regional qualifiers. The main tournament starts with the group stages, advances to qualifying knockouts, and peaks at the finals. Each qualification round offers you the opportunity to wager on super odds at Primobet.

How to Wager at Primobet

With the different markets and famous events that Primobet offers basketball fans, it is obvious that its members are in for a relishing experience. Therefore, you can be part of the happy crew by satisfying the sportsbook requirements. See how to bet at this sportsbook.

  1. Create an account on the platform using your real details, including your name, gender, date of birth, mobile number, email, and a unique password. Agree to the site’s terms of service and privacy policy and verify your profile with relevant ID and Address snapshots.
  2. Fund your account with real cash, ensuring it is no less than 500 RSD to benefit from the freebet. You may credit your balance via e-wallet, payment card, bank transfer, or local payment gateways. Every payment system this site provides is safe, secure, and efficient.
  3. Now, visit the dedicated basketball page and start betting on preferred odds from available contests. You may also explore the live markets to enhance your winning chances in this sport.
  4. Fund your ticket after creating it with your deposited cash or promo reward. The site’s instant calculator system will compute your potential winnings based on your stake amount.
  5. Follow up on the results of your match by turning on notifications for this platform. You will receive important updates related to your ticket.
  6. If your ticket is successful, the winnings will become available in your account instantly. You may withdraw them to your primary receiving source or use them to stake on new markets. However, wins earned from tickets funded with bonus cash will likely have playthrough requirements. You will need to satisfy these requirements to process a withdrawal successfully.

Betting Tips for Enhanced Winning Chances

You can improve your winning chances significantly by employing specific basketball tips and strategies. These strategies do not necessarily guarantee that your bet will be an automatic success. However, they help you make better choices for improved returns in the long term.

  1. Make reasonable research of the two teams you want to stake on. You do not have to perform an in-depth analysis. However, you want to know their dominance level in recent years and current form heading into the encounter.
  2. Check the Head-to-Head Stats of the teams facing off to get information on who has been the most dominant. Former performances can trigger inventiveness and motivation from even underdogs, setting up the stage for a potential upset. Odds don’t always tell the story, so check past data and see if an upset can happen, especially if the underdog seems to have high morale.
  3. Factor injuries and possible team suspensions when exploring specific markets. For example, if you want to wager on Over Total Points odds, you should ensure that major scorers are fielded in the contest.
  4. Be ready to maximize promos for free wagers that can deliver real wins. This sportsbook has different bonus offers that you may exploit over time. Take advantage of these and make qualifying wagers for a chance to clinch real money payouts. Thankfully, the playthrough conditions are often very small and not demanding. Hence, be ready to capitalize on freebies.
  5. Use expert online analyses from major online predictors to guide your choices. You will find different platforms that provide basketball predictions, and you can use their recommendations to create your parlay. However, note that these prediction platforms do not provide any certainty. Just use their recommendations as inspiration.

Welcome Bonus for You

It is typical to want to get in business and start betting because of Primobet’s promising odds. However, you don’t want to miss out on making the most of the welcome free bet. You can grab a super 50% package of up to 35,000 RSD with your first deposit. You only need to credit your balance with 70,000 RSD and the promo will be yours. Deposits starting from 500 RSD will also see you claim part of the welcome promo with the 50% condition applied throughout.

This freebet is an OnlyWin type, meaning you cannot withdraw the cash and may only use it to wager. If you win with the bonus, only the profits will be available to claim. However, ensure that you only include markets whose odds are between 1.01 and 2.00 to make a valid wager with this bonus.

You have 3 days to exhaust this offer and enjoy interrupted online betting sessions. The sportsbook will reclaim whatever is left of the reward once the deadline is over. So lock in your seat belt and make the best of the promo. There are no playthrough conditions to worry about, meaning every win is actually yours.