Exploring Handball Betting at Primobet

The rise in handball online betting among Serbians has continued to sustain momentum, thanks to rewarding sites like Primobet. Registered members are promised competitive odds from vast markets for improved winning chances. There are multiple contests daily on Primobet, and you can explore their markets to build good parlays and singles.

Also, you will benefit from massive bonuses here, including a wholesome welcome gift and an impressive comboboosts system. Unlike many sites, you have a good chance of withdrawing wins earned with bonuses, thanks to realistic playthrough requirements.


Thanks to the high-level optimization of this site, you can use both your PC and mobile device. Android and iOS users may also install the PWA software for a more personalized and seamless experience. Continue with this guide to learn more about this sports catalog at Primobet. What’s more, here there are a lot of active promotions you may claim for more deposit-free sessions that can trigger real money wins.

Types of Bets in Handball

Primobet’s commitment to covering all major markets makes it one of the best betting sites for finding multiple handball markets in Serbia. Every single event has at least 10 options that you can explore to have an experience. Here are the major markets you could cover as a player here.

  • Match Winner: Here, you predict which team will win a match. It is the most straightforward wager for this sport.
  • Handicap: A handicap market for a specific team means it must win by a particular number of goals. An example is a -2.5 handicap for Denmark against Russia. The value means that Denmark must beat Russia by more than 2 goals to get a win.
  • Total Goals (Over/Under): This option lets you wager on the possibility of a match’s total goals going over or under a specified number set by this sportsbook. Both the Over and Under options have their distinct multipliers.
  • Correct Score: This market is dedicated to predicting the exact number of goals to be scored in a game.
  • Half-Time/Full-Time: Here, you have to wager which team wins the first and second halves of the match. You could pick one team to win both halves, either to win one half each or even settle for a draw outcome for one or both halves.
  • Outright: This futuristic option lets you predict which team will win the entire tournament.
  • Player Props: These are markets that let you stake on players’ performances. You can predict which player will score the most goals in a match or have the most fouls.
  • Team Props: A similar market to Player Props, but this time, the focus is on an entire team’s performance. Options include which team will get the most goals, commit the most fouls, or have the most corners.
  • Draw No Bet: This is a special Match Winner bet where a draw outcome will see this sportsbook return your money. However, its odds are smaller than the original Match Winner option.
  • Live Wagering: These are markets for ongoing matches, with most covering livescore handball predictions like First Team to Score, Next Team to Score, and Next Goal Scorer.

How to Bet on Handball

You can kick off your handball wagering experience in a big way with this platform. Everything is set up for your success, and it is up to you to make the most of the opportunity. Here are the major steps to follow to wager on this sport successfully.

  1. Register on this site with your personal details, including your real name, email, home address, birthdate, and gender. Create a dedicated password and accept all terms of service and related privacy. Also, verify your ID and House address with an official ID document and a utility bill or Statement of bank account.
  2. Deposit into your new account with any of the relevant payment methods available. There are e-wallets, payment cards, and several local payment gateways. You may fund your money balance with 500 RSD and above to enjoy the impressive welcome bonus.
  3. With your account funded, you can access the different events in the handball catalog. There are many markets for you, including real-life contests and simulated reality. All combine to give you enough wager options to explore.
  4. Choose your best odds from the different markets and create your Single or Parlay ticket. Ensure to set an amount that fits your budget for healthy wagering. Primobet calculator will compute your potential winnings based on your ticket odds and set amount.
  5. You may follow up with your ticket results by activating notifications on this site. Updates will keep flooding your screen in real time, letting you know how your ticket is fairing.
  6. If you eventually win your ticket, the money will be paid to your real money account, and you may withdraw it without constraints. However, if you won with bonuses, you may need to satisfy a mandatory playthrough requirement to process a withdrawal.

Primobet is optimized, allowing you to wager on your mobile device for a more convenient on-the-go experience.

Wagering Tips and Strategies for More Rewarding Outcomes

Employing expert strategies to improve your chance of getting successful outcomes will give you more profitable and healthier sessions. Here, we outline different handball tips that will work for you.

  • Take note of the competing team performances before placing a wager on them. Try to find out which team has had the better results in their last 10 matches and who seems to have the best morale coming into the game. Consider these factors and related metrics before staking.
  • Consider the head-to-head record between both teams, as it psychologically influences your game. While the historical meetups may not be heavily influential, they can motivate a supposed underdog to stage an upset.
  • Do not ignore live odds. It is so easy to underestimate ongoing markets as they enjoy less publicity than pre-match options. However, there are often massive multipliers in the live category, and lucky players can exploit them for substantial payouts. Hence, always keep an eye on these unique options.
  • Try to exploit the massive bonuses at this sportsbook, whether as a newbie or a long-time player. These rewards include different variants of freebets, straight-up no deposit freebies, and match deposit promos. Use these offers to stake, and when you win, satisfy the small playthrough requirements to gain complete control of the spoils.
  • Make the most of expert predictions and suggestions from Primobet. This platform occasionally provides tips on some matches, and you can use them as inspiration to guide your decisions. Note that the sportsbook only offers suggestions, and its predictions are not guaranteed to be accurate.

Main Handball Odds

At Primobet, the primary odds for handball are of the decimal type, which is quite easy to interpret. There are also a few others, of course, that work for certain markets. Knowing how to interpret any type of multiplier is important as it helps you make a more informed decision. Any real punter knows that multipliers tell a story. They can help you know the favorite and underdog of a match and indicate outcomes that have more chances of happening. Here, we fully explain the three main odds on this platform.

Moneylines: Moneylines multipliers come with negative and positive values that help point out the potential winnings to expect from a stake. They are mostly used for the Match Winner market, which may be the only time you will encounter them, wagering on handball.

See how moneylines are expressed below.

England +200

France -120

  • A 100 RSD stake on England can potentially return 200 RSD as profit plus your original stake, making the entire payout 300 RSD.
  • However, for the case of France, a 120 RSD stake will deliver a 100 RSD profit if successful, making your entire return 220 RSD.
  • Obviously, England is the underdog, as its odds pay more. Hence, the + sign indicates the underdog, while the – sign highlights the favorite.
Fractions: You may find some fractional multipliers on this platform. They are more common than moneylines and are simpler to interpret. Now, a team may have a 7/4 odd to score the match’s first goal. All you need to do is multiply the fraction by your stake to know your potential profit. Hence, a 500 RSD on a 7/4 multiplier promises a 500 RSD x 7/4 = 875 RSD profit. Hence, your total expected return would be 875 RSD plus your 500 RSD stake = 1375 RSD.Decimals: You will see most odds in decimals like 3.74 or 5.62 in Primobet. The higher the decimal, the less likely the team will achieve the relevant outcome. Now, if Ukraine is assigned a 3.52 multiplier to beat Denmark, you only need to multiply your stake by the given value to know your full return (profit and original stake included). So, a 100 RSD wager on the 3.52 multiplier promises a potential return of 352 RSD, where the profit is 252 RSD.

Finding Today Handball Matches at Primobet

You will find the most competitive multipliers for handball events on this platform. The site covers all types of contests from different parts of Europe and the global space. Even local and grassroots matches, often ignored by many sportsbooks, are available here. You just need to know where to look, place your bet, and win if you’re lucky.

To find the most recent handball markets, tap the menu with the same name at the right side icons bar. The action takes you directly to the relevant window, where you will find different contests and tournaments. All the markets explained in this guide will be available to wager on across the different events there. Look out for the unique catalogs at the side of the screen to access specific tournament events. You will find more upcoming matches worth exploring in these dedicated windows.

Your betting online experience can continue even when there are no active real-life matches on rare days. Explore the Simulated Reality tab to find randomized markets whose outcomes are determined by reliable and fair systems. The best part is that this simulated game loosely follows the form and performances of the real-life team. So, it is like predicting outcomes for human teams.

Welcome Bonus Available to You

There is a dedicated welcome bonus that you may use to place a wager on the handball markets. It is a 50% free bet offer worth up to 35,000 RSD, and you only need to fund your account with 70,000 RSD to get it all. What’s more, smaller deposits will also trigger freebies, even as small as 500 RSD. Any cash you deposit between the minimum and maximum range will activate 50% of its value as an extra cash reward.

Only multipliers ranging from 1.01 to 2.00 will work perfectly for this promotion, so keep that in mind when creating your singles or parlay. Also, you must use the entire offer within 3 days following activation, as the sportsbook will reclaim all remnants after the deadline.

At the same time, this promo is an OnlyWin freebet which means that it cannot be withdrawn and if you win with it, only the profits will add to your balance. Hence, try to exploit it as much as you can, staking on both handball live and pre-game markets.