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Bet and Win on Table Tennis at Primobet

Primobet throws a fresh lifeline to gamblers bored with recycled odds/multipliers and markets. We bring a refreshing experience to you, delivering competitive odds from different events and competitions in Serbia and Europe. At the same time, our vast sports coverage includes football, basketball, hockey, cycling, cricket, boxing, and the UFC. Table tennis is another major sport, quickly becoming a favorite among Serbians. That’s why this guide focuses explicitly on this sport and the associated services we deliver to players.


We provide unending betting multipliers and markets for tennis contests, including exhibition matches. Moreover, you can claim our different bonus offers to fund your tickets and win real money. Our attached playthrough requirements are simple to clear, giving you a real chance to claim your win.

Below we will cover different aspects of table tennis wagering, discussing how to stake and make the best of our promotions, including newbie rewards. Do not forget to look out for our exclusive winning strategies that could see you win more than the average gambler. So, continue with us as we move into the main details in subsequent sections.

Tennis and Sports Welcome Bonus

After registering and verifying your login details, you become eligible for all our free bet bonuses. In fact, you can activate a sumptuous welcome package with your first deposit and maximize the complementary rewarding comboboosts. Therefore, make the most of these rewards to start your gambling journey as best as possible.

Refer to the different welcome packages we have for you.

Welcome Bonus Up to 35,000 RSD: This promo is available on your first deposit and can set off up to 35,000 RSD free cash at 50% payback. Basically, you need to credit your balance with 70,000 RSD and use the code POBEDA to claim the entire gift. Of course, you can settle for smaller deposits and still enjoy 50% cashback. So, if you deposit 500 RSD, you still get 250 RSD for free.

This promotion will work on all table tennis markets and any other sports you may have in mind. You could even use it for live stakes without restrictions. Do you prefer singles or parlay? No problem; this bonus works on all types of tickets. However, remember that you can only cover multipliers within the range of 1.01 to 2.00. Also, you need to exhaust the entire gift within three days. It will expire after the grace window.

Now, it is essential to mention that this bonus is an OnlyWin freebet. So, only the profits will be available to claim whenever you win.

Welcome Boost up to 400%: After claiming the first deposit OnlyWin offer, you can improve your bet odds with our comboboost offer. The comboboost is a 400% welcome gift that becomes active when you create a parlay of at least three events. Meanwhile, each event must also have a multiplier value of at least 1.30. If you create a suitable parlay, you instantly receive additional odds, increasing your potential payout significantly.

Number of EventsAdditional Multipliers (Comboboosts)
3 to 41.20
5 to 61.40
7 to 91.50
10 to 111.70
12 to 142.00
15 to 192.50
20 to 293.00
30 or more5.00

How to Start Betting on Table Tennis at Primobet

Placing table tennis wagers with us is effortless. For that, you just need to follow through some steps.

  1. Create a personal account with us using your real details, including your name, date of birth, gender, and email address. Furthermore, verify your account to confirm all information you provided during registration.
  2. Fund your playing account with the available payment methods, including e-wallets, credit and debit cards, and online vouchers.
  3. Claim your welcome bonus and other weekly freebets and offers available here.
  4. Head to the tennis page to explore current events and odds.
  5. Choose your preferred markets and create your singles or parlay.
  6. Fund your ticket to make it active. It’s great that the programmed online calculator will determine your potential return and profits accordingly.
  7. Wait for the event’s results to know if your ticket is successful.

Bet Types for Table Tennis

As you know, we have a distribution of table tennis online bet types that you can stake on, each offering unique chances to earn profits. See the different types of markets this sport has for you.

  • Match Winner: Here, you predict and stake on a player to win a particular match.
  • Set: This one involves an attempt to predict the exact score for sets.
  • Handicap: For a handicap wager, you either predict the favorite to win by a particular point margin or stake on the underdog to not lose by that point margin. Both options have their respective multipliers. A - 2 handicap on Sedlak Marek means he needs to win against his opponent with at least 2 points.
  • Game Handicap: Similar to a standard handicap. However, this time, you are staking that a player will have to win more games than another participant or all participants in a tournament.
  • Total Points Over/Under: You can predict whether a match will have more (over) or fewer (under) points than a predetermined number.
  • Odd/Even Total Points: Here, you stake whether the total points in a match will be an odd or even number.
  • First Set Winner: Predicting which player will win a match set.
  • Correct Score: This option lets you predict the exact score for a particular set or an entire match.
  • Props: They are special wagers, often based on a player’s individual performances, like which individual will have the highest total points in a game across an entire tournament. It also includes options like predicting a player to get the highest number of aces.
  • Live Stakes: You may place live stakes on ongoing matches, like predicting who wins an active match that seems tightly contested.
  • Outright Tournament Winner: You could stake on who wins a tournament outright. However, this is a future option and is typically only available when a competition is yet to kick off.

Helpful Table Tennis Betting Strategies

As it has been mentioned above, we have some helpful table tennis betting tips that could increase your chances of scoring more winning tickets.

  • Carry out analytical research of all players weeks before a tournament. This unusual step can help you know each player properly and understand their motivation. It will eventually guide you to making more informed choices.
  • Consider head-to-head records of upcoming contests to know which player seems to have the better history. Match the information with both players’ current form and morale to inspire your choice.
  • Look out for our daily predictions and tips on matches whenever available. We offer insights on certain contests, predicting the likely winner. Use these predictions as inspiration when creating your tickets.
  • Allow the odds to direct you. The favorite will always have the lesser multiplier, and why it doesn’t offer certainty, it gives you an idea of how a contest may turn out.
  • Exploit live or in-play stakes odds. Unlike pre-match events, you are more informed when picking live multipliers. You already know about the match, and your predictions are more likely to be successful. Just don’t pick impossible multipliers.

Place Your Table Tennis Wagers at Primobet for the Best Odds

It’s not a secret that Primobet is the best place to wager on sports. That’s because we have an operational license from the Ministry of Finance in Serbia and offer fair, transparent services. What’s more, our vast coverage of the tennis sport gives you the luxury of choice and a chance to create your perfect ticket. You only need to visit our dedicated Table Tennis window to find hundreds of events waiting for you. Meanwhile, our Today competitions offer events set to start within a few hours. They are the best shot if you want to try your luck immediately.

We also offer table tennis predictions and tips that may inspire you when creating your ticket. These tips prove that we are committed to you winning and having fun. So do not waste any other second and kick off your experience now by creating an account and claiming our special promotions. Remember that you may wager on the website or install our mobile app for excellent on-the-go sessions.