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Primobet Promotions for Sports

Primobet is one of the most popular sportsbooks to find competitive odds (coefficients) and unique markets in Serbia. What’s more, its vast sports coverage offers Serbians diversified events based on tournaments and contests all over the world. There are markets and odds for football, basketball, tennis, e-sports, golf, and even politics. So, every registered sports lover on the platform will find the right events that work for them.

In addition to the numerous sports there are super promo offers for players. In other words, right from when you create an account until you become an established veteran, there is always a bonus to claim. You only need to satisfy the respective requirements for each prize along the way.


First of all, there is a profitable welcome promotion to start your journey on a high, giving you a feel of the sportsbook offerings. You can win real money with this offer and cash out once the playthrough requirement has been met. After claiming the sign-up offer, you become eligible for more promos, including massive freebets. Also, there are multiple types of freebets that you may earn over time in this sportsbook. Some work on all sports, while others are dedicated to specific markets.

For instance, look out for the Hunting offer, which allows you to wager on relevant hunting contests. Archery, Sporting Clays, Paintball, and several Shooting sports are viable events and markets that you can cover with hunting promos. There are also special events for online games on this platform. The tournaments are mostly targeted at sports betting enthusiasts who also enjoy slots and table gambling. The prizes could range from match money to free spins and exclusive rewards.

Their specific requirements and working processes at Primobet are provided in detail below, so you know how to maximize them best. Also, there are helpful tips on how to create your account, use the bonuses, and benefit from code combinations whenever available.

Welcome Bonus

Claim the welcome bonus and start your online betting journey with a massive boost. Primobet has one of the best packages for new players, offering them the opportunity to claim as much as 200 EUR on a 50% payback. This offer is a dedicated freebet that you can use on all sports. So whether you are a football, basketball, hunting, or golf enthusiast, you will find this promotion highly beneficial.

Due to the 50% condition, you must deposit at least 400 EUR to claim the entire prize and use it as you wish. Smaller deposits are still valid for this promo, especially if you plan to start with limited stakes. As little as 20 EUR will reward you with 10 EUR. Ultimately, crediting your balance between 20 EUR and 400 EUR will trigger half of the value as a welcome prize. Just ensure to use the relevant promo code when depositing for proper activation. Fill FB200 into the relevant field on your deposit page to trigger the welcome prize successfully.

Since this bonus is actually a freebet, it works differently from a match money deposit bonus. When you claim part or all of it, the gift money becomes available to wager on your favorite sport but cannot be withdrawn. Also, when used to place a wager, and the outcome is a success, only the additional profits will be sent to your bonus balance and will stay there until its playthrough requirement is satisfied. The initial freebet capital is cut off.

Here is an example: assuming you claim all 200 EUR as a bonus and win 1000 EUR with it, your real bonus win would be 1000 EUR – 200 EUR = 800 EUR.

Your welcome offer may be used on both the pre-match and live markets without restrictions. Also, you may wager as much as you want on the go, even exhausting the entire 400 EUR in one sitting. However, you can only stake on events with odds ranging from 1.01 to 2.00. The entire offer will last for three days after activation, and you must exhaust your claimed freebet within this period. Any free money still remaining after the activation period elapses is reclaimed by the sportsbook. So, are you ready for your first-ever promo? Then, make the relevant deposit to dive in.

Primobet Freebets and Cashback

The Primobet platform will continue to place freebets on your path regularly, giving you a chance to get free money for soccer, tennis, hockey, and even NFL wagering, among others. So, there are different types of free bet that you can claim on this website.

  • OnlyWin: This is the most popular variant, where only the profits made from a stake are credited to you. The initial freebet used for stakes is reclaimed from the bounty. The welcome bonus of up to 200 EUR is an OnlyWin variant.
  • AllWin: The AllWin type rewards both the initial freebet and profits following a successful stake. This variant functions like a typical match money offer. You only need to satisfy the assigned playthrough requirement, and the full promotion will become yours.
  • NoRisk: This special freebet lets you wager on your favorite sports, and if you do not win, the stake placed is returned to your account as real money. You literally do not lose with this offer. Hence it is why it is called NoRisk. If you like to eat your cake and have it, then regularly play at Primobet and watch out for NoRisk bonuses. Tuning on your email notification will make it easier for the sportsbook to inform you when such an offer is available.

Note that every freebet, when offered, will have a particular validity window. You must use the entire package during this active period so as not to lose your offer and miss the chance to stake on the most popular events.

Hunting Promos

There is an active hunting bet bonus available at 300% payback, and it can be claimed just after you set off the welcome promo. It is available on your second deposit and is a one-off offer, so try to deposit enough to make the best of it. Any amount you fund your account with will be tripled, and you have an entire month to use it as you desire. It is an OnlyWin freebet variant, which means that only the profits made from staking with it will be available to claim.

This offer is delivered in installments, with only bets of 1.1 odds or higher contributing to the sum bonus of the next installment. Hence, the value of the next installment is often determined by the entire bonus you used in the current active installment. Here is an example: If the current installment offered 20 EUR freebet and you used it all, you get 20 EUR for the next one.

It is possible to create a parlay or combined bet when using the freebet, but each event covered must be at least 1.01 odds and no more than 2.00 odds. Note that a particular installment lasts three days, and the faster you use it, the bigger your next installment will be.

Active Tournaments at Primobet

Primobet has active tournaments that players can explore, especially those who do not mind winning good cash in online competitions. All sports betting lovers can join the different active tournaments in the event section of this sportsbook and engage other players. Winners are typically determined by their performances, according to a specific rule, and will enjoy top place on a leaderboard. Usually, those in the top positions are offered a share of the pooled prize.

Tournament pots may be cashable rewards, match deposit bonuses, freebets, free spins, or exclusive invites that aid your betting sessions. However, what makes tournaments better is that there are always multiple winners. Some competitions may reward their best 50 performers, while others may cover even more players. So, your chance of winning is quite high in tournaments, and you should not hesitate to join a few.

Simply read the participation rules of any you are interested in and join the rewarding fun. Multiple events are currently running at Primobet, and their participation conditions are quite easy. Some may require you to pay a buy-in fee, while others admit you when you play specific games.

Bonus Codes

Get ready to use dedicated promo codes to claim unlimited offers from this sportsbook. As a registered member, you are extremely likely to receive at least one special combination to claim a unique offer. This offer could be deposit bonuses, cashback, or special comboboosts. Discover how codes work here. The typical Primobet code is a combination of letters and numbers required to activate a specific promotion. The letters are mostly stylized in caps lock and are joined to the number to form a combination. A combination could range from four to seven characters in this sportsbook, and are very easy to remember.

A Primobet code styling is often inspired by the type of promotion it activates. The welcome bonus, for example, is a freebet worth up to 200 EUR and requires a code FB200. The FB stands for FreeBet, while 200 is the maximum amount available to claim. This combination style is consistent across all Primobet codes, making them unique.

Below are specific instances and circumstances that may see this sportsbook deliver code combinations to players.

  • Normal codes: These are the usual codes for normal bonuses and promotions hosted at the sportsbook. The welcome offer is one of such, and every registered person can use the combination to benefit. The platform may update its bonus catalog and introduce new promos and codes for all players. In the same vein, it has the right to remove a particular promotion at any time and render its existing code invalid without prior notice to registered members.
  • Exclusive codes: These are combinations that are not available to the general public and can only be used by limited players. Potential benefactors are mostly high-rollers and top-rated VIP members. These codes, when available, are often sent to these players by email or in-house notification. They are a form of acknowledgment and appreciation from Primobet to its biggest patrons. The gifts these codes activate are often exclusive and massive.
  • Special / seasonal codes: During special events and holidays, it is quite traditional for Primobet to deliver special codes in the spirit of the season. These codes will activate special bonuses that often come with a limited validity window. Some of the offers may work on selected or all sport events, making it important to check their requirements. Every player can enjoy seasonal codes at Primobet as long as they are quite active. So be on the lookout for these combinations during Christmas, New Year, Easter, Summer Breaks, or one-off celebrations.

How to Use Primobet Bonuses

Primobet considers its gifts and bonuses as a major offering and really desires that players use and maximize them. Thankfully, there are outlined steps that players can employ to claim the many offers available and use them for their sports betting.

  • Claim the promos: To use an offer, you must first claim it, and it is quite easy to do so. Firstly, register with the site and verify your account. Fund your balance to claim the welcome bonus and do so for any other gift you may be interested in. Also, look out for promocodes, as most of the offers will require them.
  • Eligible games: Many bonuses will work on all sports, while a few may have specified categories they cover. After claiming an offer, check the sports it works on and use it according to the specified coverage.
  • Wager within assigned odds: Primobet often specifies the odds that qualify for their bonuses. Whether it is a free bet, cashback, combo boost, or specified cash prize, it is likely to have an odd range that it works in. Always bet within these odds so you do not end up using your real cash to stake when you have free money.
  • Satisfy the playthrough requirement: Checkup the determined playthrough requirement for your offer and satisfy it if you plan to make a withdrawal. Thankfully, these sportsbook requirements are often realistic and easy to fulfill.
  • Plan your schedule: It can be quite easy to lose your claimed offers to deadlines. Hence, it is very important to plan your schedule and plan how to use your free cash optimally. Also, you may use the Primobet calculator to determine the total number of odds you have placed on any parlay to ensure you are covering enough as planned.
  • Avoid abuse: Every offer has detailed requirements that determine how to claim, use, and benefit from them. Read their outlined terms of use on the Sportsbook’s official ‘Bonus Terms & Conditions’ page so you do not abuse them. Employing tricks and illegitimate retention strategies will lead to the cancellation of the affected gifts. Severe abuse may lead to temporary or permanent suspension of your account.

Create an Account with the Site and Claim your Bonuses

The rich bonuses in this sportsbook are there for the taking. Most only require small deposits and, in some instances, may require promocodes that you can copy from the promotions page. However, for Serbian gamers to benefit from the freebets, cashback, comboboosts and unique seasonal offers, they must create an account with Primobet. The entire process of setting up a player account is straightforward.

Open the official website on your Desktop or PC. Alternatively, you may use the dedicated mobile app, which is relatively quicker.

  1. Tap the Sign Up icon at the left top corner of the homepage. A new window will come up, with a couple of fields to fill up certain personal information.
  2. Submit your email and create a unique password comprising at least a symbol, alphabet, and number. The password must not be less than 8 characters and could be as much as 25 characters. Choose Serbia as your country, the Euro as your preferred currency, and provide your mobile number.
  3. Tick the relevant boxes that confirm you are at least 18 years old and will respect all of the platform’s privacy policy and terms and conditions. Ensure to tick the box asking whether you would like to receive a bonus. This move confirms that you want to benefit from this site’s current and future promotions.

Tap the ‘Create’ menu to confirm the submission of the above details and your subsequent registration. You will be led back to the homepage as a signed-in payer. Keep your email and unique password safe, as they are your login details.

Account Confirmation and Verification

Verify your account as soon as you can after creating it. You cannot withdraw your winnings without proper verification, a process that takes only a few minutes. See how to verify your account.

Email Verification After registering, a confirmation mail is sent to the email address you submitted with an embedded link. Open this email and tap the link to confirm yourself as the owner.

Identity and Address Confirmation See the steps to verify your ID and address at Primobet.

  1. Sign into your account and click the ‘Profile icon’ at the top of the homepage.
  2. Navigate to the verification window and confirm the following details:
  • Identity: Provide a snapshot of an official ID document. A passport, Government ID Card or Driver’s license is eligible for verifying your identity.
  • Address: Provide a snapshot of your bank Statement of Account or utility bill not older than 3 months to confirm your address.
  1. Primobet will confirm your details within a few hours or one working day, and if it is a success, your account will become fully functional.