Tennis Betting at Primobet

The tennis catalog at Primobet has grown consistently, covering all major competitions globally. These events offer competitive and superior odds (multipliers) that promise significant payouts, subsequently making their markets one of the best in Serbia. If there is an upcoming event, you can be sure Primobet has it covered.

You can enjoy access to massive markets as a registered member, and luckily, the registration process is as easy as it gets. Once you have your account, you may cover as many multipliers as you desire on different events. There are always contests for you, thanks to the structure of the site and its employment of virtual gaming.


The sportsbook is also optimized, allowing mobile enthusiasts to play on the go. Its website works perfectly on Android and iOS standard devices without glitches, making wagering seamless and more personalized.

Find all the details you need to know about placing tennis wagers at this sportsbook. This guide discusses the different tennis markets, odd expressions, and staking tips to increase your chances of winning.

Bet Types for Tennis at Primobet

The betting range in this sport makes it highly appealing. You can cover different markets for a single event, giving you the luxury of choice. You can explore the following markets when creating a Single or Parlay ticket.

Outright Winner: You are staking on a match or tournament winner.
Set Betting: This option concerns predicting the exact score of sets in a particular match.
Handicap: It is common to have markets where odds are offered on some players to win a particular number of games in a tournament. If Andy Murray has a -2 handicap market and you bet on it, then he must win by 3 or more games to get a payout. Anything less is a loss, while winning by exactly two games is a push, which means a voided stake.
Total Games (Over/Under): You will find markets that allow you to wager on whether a particular match will go past the fixed game number (over) or not reach it (under). Primobet sets the game numbers, and you may decide to go over or under them.
First Set Winner: Predicting who wins a match’s first set.
Tie-Break: You may wager on a specific match having a Tie-Break.
Correct Score: Unlike Set Betting, you are predicting an entire match’s exact score with this option.
Live Wagering: It is possible to find markets and odds for ongoing contests. Odds/multipliers for tennis live scores and match winners are more common.
Outright Winner of Tournament: This is a futuristic wager option where you predict the person to win an entire tournament.

How to Wager on Tennis

Starting your wagering journey with this platform is easy, courtesy of its straightforward requirements. Here is how to start your journey.

  1. Create a personal account with this site, providing necessary information like your name, house address, mobile number, birthdate, and email. Do well to verify your account, confirming your identity and address with the necessary documents.
  2. Fund your new account balance with at least 500 RSD so that you may benefit from the welcome promotion. You may still settle for smaller or bigger deposits, according to your budget.
  3. Visit the dedicated page for Tennis events and explore the different markets each contest brings. This sportsbook offers markets for upcoming contests set to happen within a few hours down to an entire week, giving you thousands of odds to select from.
  4. Once you find the odds you like, bet with a valid amount to activate your ticket. The site’s programmed calculator will compile all the markets and let you know the potential winnings in case of a successful outcome.
  5. You may turn on notifications for the site to receive live results on your ticket as they happen in real-time. Only successful tickets will lead to winnings, depending on the set conditions of your ticket.
  6. If you used your real deposit for the stake, you may withdraw it without any restrictions. However, promo deposits may have playthrough conditions you must satisfy before withdrawing.

Betting Tips and Strategies

Employing proven tennis betting tips and strategies can improve your chances significantly and be the difference in having better success on this site. Here are some main tips that could work for you.

  • Consider Form and Fitness Level: Look out for players with the best form and fitness. Then, combine their ability with their morale going into a match. These people often deliver strong performances and are more likely to achieve better success.
  • Head-to-Head Historical Stats: Check how both competing players have fared against themselves formerly. The person with the highest wins based on records often has a psychological edge that can influence the results.
  • Type of Surface: Ignoring the effect of a surface on players’ performance may hurt your winning chances. Some professionals perform better on grass than on hard-court or clay surfaces. Hence, when checking their historical data, also try to determine the surface where they have had their best and worst performance for a complete picture.
  • Consider Professional Predictions: Primobet may sometimes offer tennis predictions on certain contests, urging you to try their recommendations. Understand that the site is only trying to be helpful, and its tips do not guarantee success. You should also check other professional prediction platforms that offer analyses backed by in-depth research.
  • Maintain Objectivity: Never wager with bias or allow your likeness for a particular player to overthrow logic. Stay objective and work with the facts for the best outcome. Stake like a professional punter and enjoy better rewards.

Major Odd Types

It is imperative to understand how tennis odds (multipliers) work for you to make the best decision. Yes, you may understand the different markets and even know multiple strategies. However, you are still likely to make wrong decisions if you do not know how to interpret multipliers. For example, you may find an odd, promising to pay 5x of your stake. While this offer looks amazing, you should pay major attention to the hidden message: the outcome is unlikely to happen.

Balancing odd presentations and their viability is key to success when staking on this sport. Now, a multiplier may be expressed in three distinct forms, each with its unique interpretation.

Fractions: Sometimes, this site may use fractions to express multipliers like 2/1 and 7/2. It is easy to interpret these. Just divide the top value by the bottom one and multiply it against your stake. The outcome is the potential profit you will earn. Hence, a 2/1 odd means a successful 100 RSD stake will set off 200 RSD in profits plus the capital. Hence, the full return will be 300 RSD.MoneyLine: This expression is traditional to American sportsbooks, and you will barely ever encounter it at Primobet because of its application. Moneyline often has two values, one with a positive sign and the other with a negative one. Here is an example:

Coco Gauff: - 200

Aryna Sabalenka: + 150

  • Based on the signs, C.Gauff is the favorite, and you will need to wager 200 RSD to earn a potential 100 RSD profit.
  • For A. Sabalenka, a 100 RSD wager promises a potential 150 RSD payout.
Decimals: These are the primary expressions at Primobet and have values like 2.64 and 4.52. If you bet 100 RSD on a 2.64 odd, then you must multiply both values to know your potential return, profit and original stake included. Hence, the expected return is 264 RSD, with your profit being 264 RSD – 100 RSD = 164 RSD.

Tennis Games Today at Primobet

Of course, you won’t have a classic Wimbledon tennis contest to stake on every day. However, there will always be nice events, markets and multipliers to explore most days for a satisfying experience. Due to the site’s vast coverage of tennis matches globally, there is almost always something for you. You just need to know how to find them for a seamless, non-stop wagering spree.

To find upcoming events set to happen between a few minutes and 48 hours, you need to enter Primobet’s dedicated Tennis window. Simply click the Tennis tab on the right sidebar to see the games for you.

Usually, you will see multiple soon-to-start contests with massive markets to explore and create your parlay. Also, keep an eye on the sidebar and check the different Tennis categories for more options. These categories represent different competitions like ATP, WTA, ATP Challenger, ITF Women, ITF Men, Simulated Reality and Simulated Reality Women.

You will see specified numbers beside these categories, each highlighting the number of upcoming matches for you. For example, if the WTA has 4 beside it, it is an indication that there are four upcoming contests. These contests could be Singles, Doubles or mixed competitions, each offering you the opportunity to wager on the different markets this guide discusses.

Do not ignore the Simulated Reality catalogs, as they are beneficial on rare days when this sportsbook may not have real-human tennis contests for you. These catalogs will always have games for you with competitive odds that can pay you just as much as any real contest. The virtual games are fair and randomized, running on reliable technology assessed by experts regularly. Also, the outcomes are often faster than real matches, letting you know your results quickly.

As expected, you may place pre-match or live tennis odds on any Primobet Today Events, depending on your strategy.

How to Maximize the Welcome Bonus

The sportsbook wants you and other players to have a wagering journey filled with superb incentives for more rewarding sessions. For instance, you may exploit freebets and many promotions here, including a rich promo for newbies. On offer for new registrants is a wholesome welcome promo worth up to 35,000 RSD at a 50% payback condition. This reward is tied to your first deposit, and you just need to fund your balance with a maximum of 70,000 RSD to claim it all. Smaller funding will also trigger their rewards at the same 50% payback percentage. So, if you fund your account with 500 RSD, it will activate a 250 RSD reward.

It is important to emphasize that this offer is an OnlyWin free bet promo, making it ineligible for possible withdrawal. Also, if you win with it, only the profits will be available to your account. The platform reclaims initial capital according to general OnlyWin conditions.

However, you have three days to use the freebie after activation to prevent the site from reclaiming it. Reclaimed bonuses do not have the rollover option, making this freebie a once-in-a-lifetime option. There is no limit to the bet types you may cover as a player. You may wager on pre-match odds before kickoff and still exploit dedicated tennis live score odds if you think you have a winning chance. You just need to cover wagers within an odd range of 1.01 to 2.00.

At the same time, the platform allows singles and parlay tickets. Just ensure that you do not employ any unendorsed trick and risk losing your freebies. Serious offenders may even lose their account if their level of breach is high.