Primobet Volleyball Betting

Volleyball betting is a favorite among gamblers in Serbia, and Primobet sportsbook promises to make the sport even more attractive with super events and markets. While the sportsbook has multiple sports categories, volleyball has particularly enjoyed significant development recently, covering tournaments that the average Serbian finds appealing. You will enjoy an incomparable online betting experience as a registered member, with competitive odds/multipliers available to you.

You may also claim significant promos to create deposit-free wagers for a chance to earn superb wins. This guide provides you with all the intricate details you need about volleyball betting with this sportsbook. So sit back and watch the magic unfold!


Types of Bets in Volleyball

Like most sports here at Primobet, there are more than 10 distinct bet types that you can explore for a standard volleyball contest. However, the number of markets you get depends on whether the match is a one-off faceoff or part of a tournament. Games from bigger tournaments typically offer more options than single matches. See the major markets you can try for a fulfilling online betting experience.

  • Match Winner: Staking on one of the two teams to win the match.
  • Set Wager: Here, you make predictions on the Sets. You may stake on who wins a particular set or predict the correct score.
  • Handicap: You may predict a team to win by more than a predetermined point range. If your prediction happens, you win and lose if it does not. Wagering on a -2.5 point means your chosen team must win by at least a 3-point difference. A +2.5 market is, however, the reverse and means that your chosen team must not lose by more than 2 points.
  • Over/Under (Total Sets): Primobet typically provides different predetermined numbers of sets for a match and assigns over and under odds to each one. Picking the Over option for one of the predetermined numbers means you expect the real game to have higher sets. It is the reverse when you choose the Under option, meaning that you expect the real-life total sets to be less than the predetermined number.
  • Over/Under (Total Points): This option is similar to Total Sets. However, this time, the predetermined variables are points. You can bet that a particular match’s total points will surpass or fall below the platform’s predetermined points.
  • Correct Score: You predict a match correct score.
  • First Set Winner: Predicting that one of the two teams will win the match’s first set.
  • Propositions (Player): Propositions are markets about players’ performances. It includes options like Player to Score the Highest Points, Player with the Highest Number of Blocks, and Player with the Most Digs.
  • Outright Winner: Staking on a particular team to win the entire competition, tournament, or league.
  • Live Wagering: You may choose to explore markets from games that are already underway. Popular options for ongoing contests include which team scores next, wins the next set, or wins the entire match. Real-life circumstances determine the type of live markets that will be available for a particular match.
  • Odd/Even for Points: It is sometimes possible to predict whether a match’s total points will be an odd or even value.
  • The First Team to Score X Number of Points: You may also stake on a team to reach a particular number of points before the other.

This sport’s versatile market makes it attractive to Primobet players, and you can join the merry bandwagon following the steps in the next section.

How to Bet on Volleyball

Betting on Volleyball at this sportsbook is easy. You just need to follow a sequence of steps to set up your unique player account, place your first wager, and, if lucky, cash out your first wins. It is both fun and rewarding betting online here.

  1. Set up a personal account on this site. You must provide your name, mobile number, home address, email, birthdate, and gender. Also, create a unique account and accept the site’s privacy policy and terms of service. After registration, confirm your profile by uploading an official ID screenshot and bank statement of account.
  2. The next step is to credit your balance with real cash. Thankfully, there are different payment options that you may use to make your first deposit. Try to deposit at least 500 RSD and, if possible, much more to benefit from the welcome OnlyWin promo. You may use this promo to stake and enhance your bets.
  3. Head to the main Volleyball page using the sidebar and select your preferred markets and odds from the exhaustive list of options available. There is no limit to how many bets you may select, with your budget the only constraint.
  4. After creating your parlay or single ticket, fund it with your deposited cash or earned promo. Your ticket will go live instantly, with the site’s automatic calculator specifying the potential winnings to expect if you have a favorable outcome.
  5. You may turn on the notification at Primobet to receive updates on your ticket, keeping you informed on the important details.
  6. If you win, the payout will become available in your real money balance, and you may withdraw it anytime you want. However, if you activated the stake with the site bonuses, your winnings may be subjected to playthrough requirements. Fortunately, the condition is often easy to satisfy, with some having just 1x.

Master Tips and Strategies for Volleyball Wagers

You may improve your winning chances by employing important strategies and tips when wagering on volleyball. Here are some tips to enhance your success frequency.

  1. Check the form of the two teams you are betting on to measure their capability heading into the contest. Also, take note of their morale, as even underdogs enjoy good spells in certain periods, increasing the possibility of an upset.
  2. Be willing to check past results of both teams’ head-to-head clashes. This move is very important as it may give you an idea of who has the psychological advantage.
  3. There are many bonus offers that you may use to create your wagers. These very rewarding promotions include no deposit offers, special freebies, promo codes, and dedicated deposit gifts. Simply claim the bonus you are interested in and use it to stake on any desired market.
  4. Look out for the best odds. Big multipliers are undoubtedly appealing, but that is not what makes them the best. The perfect multiplier offers promising payouts and a realistic chance of success on average.
  5. Maintain objectivity and patience when creating tickets. Never stake on impulse or because all your pals are doing so. You must consider all the factors discussed to make more informed choices.
  6. Like most betting sites, Primobet allows you to manage your budget with its Responsible Gambling policy. Take advantage of the available tools to control your wins and losses to help maintain healthy sessions. Having real control of your wagering sessions is probably the most important strategy to earn profits.

Type of Volleyball Odds

There are three ways odds/multipliers may be expressed at this sportsbook, each having its significance and interpretations. Operators may use any of these expressions based on the trends and needs of registered members at a particular time. See the three popular multipliers here.

Moneyline: You will mostly see the moneyline expression for match-winner markets. The favorite typically has a negative number, while the underdog has a positive expression. Potential winnings are computed based on a 100 RSD stake.

Example: Sada Cruzeiro - 110 Apan Blumenau + 110

  • Based on the above moneyline, you require a wager of 110 RSD to earn a 100 RSD profit on Sada Cruzeiro. This is how to interpret the negative sign.
  • For Apan Blumenau, a wager of 100 RSD will win you 110 RSD as profit because it has a positive sign.
  • Obviously, the favorite to win this contest is Sada Cruzeiro, while the underdog is Apan Blumenau.
Fractional: This is a fractional expression of your odd in forms like 3/2, and 5/4. To know your potential profit for these expressions, simply multiply the fraction by your stake. Hence, 500 RSD on a 5/4 multiplier will offer a profit of 500 x 5/4 = 625 RSD.Decimals: The most popular expression at this sportsbook, Decimal multipliers are the 4.67, 2.31, and similar types you find everywhere. To know your potential winnings for this expression, you have to multiply the odds by your stake. The result includes both your profit and stake. Hence, a 500 RSD stake on 2.00 odds = 1,000 RSD in potential returns, where your profit is 500 RSD.

Today Matches for Volleyball

You can find recent matches easily on Volleyball. These types of contests are known as Today Matches because they often kick off within 24 hours. Now, this sportsbook often has multiple events for most days, allowing you to place as many wagers as you desire. You just need to know how to find these events and make the best of their markets. The steps below highlight how to find recent matches for volleyball.

  • Visit the official website and tap the Volleyball menu at the right sidebar.
  • You will be introduced to a window with contests to kick off in the next few hours. These are the Today events, and you can explore as many as you want, especially if you want to know your results on the same day.
  • The volleyball page has different catalogs where you can find more upcoming games. Each catalog represents a particular country’s leagues and national competitions, offering you vast markets and competitive odds.
  • More events and markets are available in the Simulated Reality section. These contests are not exactly real-life games but offer simulated outcomes. There are several SR contests open at Primobet daily.
  • You may access Today Events with either your PC or mobile device.

Primobet Welcome Gift for Volleyball Players

Registered players may benefit from tons of bonuses at this sportsbook, starting with the welcome reward. It is a unique freebet designed to make your first few days of betting online as easy as you can dream. On offer is a 50% reward promising up to 35,000 RSD. Credit your balance with 70,000 RSD on your first attempt to claim the full bonus. Smaller deposits are also accepted with as little as 500 RSD, making you a beneficiary. So do not hold back and make the most of this one-time offer.

You can use your reward to wager on this sport and the others this platform hosts. Just ensure that the odds in your ticket are between 1.01 and 2.00 to effectively use the promo. Now, this freebet is an OnlyWin type, meaning you will only get the profit if your wager is a success. The main promo will not be available for other bets, and you cannot withdraw it either.

Ensure to exhaust the freebie within 3 days after activation. Primobet will withdraw any remaining gift after the deadline. You do not need any code or special combination to exploit this gift. You only need to use it according to the outlined requirements here for an optimal experience.