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Bet and Win on Ice Hockey at Primobet

Primobet is one of the standout sportsbooks with an operational license to deliver desktop and mobile app sports betting services to Serbians. What’s more, registered members have access to all types of sports, hundreds of markets here, and very competitive odds/multipliers, making this site one of the best. So, you can wager on football, basketball, table tennis, and ice hockey.

This guide offers an in-depth review of our ice hockey services, walking fans through every detail of how they can stake and win real money. As a result, you will also learn about the best bonuses to claim for free wagers that can trigger real wins.


Ice Hockey and Sports Welcome Bonus

We offer every new registrant a sumptuous welcome package, comprising a free bet and comboboost. Both offers can see you win massively before you even spend a cent of your own money.

Welcome Cash Reward: Claim a 50% bonus cash worth up to 35,000 RSD with your first deposit. The payback percentage means that any amount you deposit will trigger half its value in free cash. Hence, you must credit your account with 70,000 RSD to enjoy the full 35,000 RSD reward. The claimed cash will work on ice hockey and other types of sports without restrictions. It also works on pre-match and live multipliers, giving you full control. However, only markets with odds ranging from 1.01 to 2.00 are covered by this promo.

Also, it is an OnlyWin ice hockey bets bonus, which means you will only get access to the wins of a successful ticket, excluding the wagering capital. You have three days to use the offer after claiming it. So, make the most of it. Register now, deposit, and claim this massive offer using POBEDA as the code.

Welcome Comboboosts: Create your first parlay and ensure it has at least three events to enjoy Comboboosts. Unlike a single ticket with only one event, Parlay covers multiple distinct odds, increasing your accumulated multipliers and subsequent expected payouts. Our comboboost improves your accumulated parlay odds, promising even bigger potential wins. However, each odd in the parlay must be at least 1.30 for the boost to apply.

Check the table for more information.

Number of EventsAdditional Multipliers (Comboboosts)
3 to 41.20
5 to 61.40
7 to 91.50
10 to 111.70
12 to 142.00
15 to 192.50
20 to 293.00
30 or more5.00

Steps to Betting on Ice Hockey at Primobet

We try to make your gambling journey easy. Therefore, you can quickly sign up and place real money stakes within a few minutes. It only takes several steps, which we highlight below:

  1. Create an account with us using your real information, including your name, date of birth, gender, and email. For that, it’s critical to set up a unique password and verify login details within a few days.
  2. Deposit into your new account using any of our payment methods, including e-wallets, online vouchers, credit & debit cards, and local gateways. We recommend depositing at least 500 RSD to benefit from the superb welcome promo.
  3. Go to our dedicated Ice Hockey page to see all the events and markets we have for you. Explore the different options to find unique contests and tournaments.
  4. Choose your preferred odds and create a single or parlay ticket. You can create a ticket for different contests/events if you desire.
  5. Fund your ticket, and the system’s automatic calculator will compute your expected returns in case of success. Thereafter, confirm your ticket and place a bet.

Now, you just need to wait for the results of each event and see if your ticket was a success. If you win your first ticket, then that is good news and the start of a memorable experience, because you can keep playing as much as possible. However, always keep an eye on your budget. Finally, consistently grab weekly freebets and cash rewards to cover more markets.

Bet Types on Ice Hockey

You can cover many markets under a single ice hockey match at Primobet. It is one of the few top sports with so many options, giving you the luxury of choice. We highlight the major betting types this sport offers you.

  • Moneyline: This is the most straightforward option, where you predict a particular team to win a game outright.
  • Puck Line: This is the spread option of this sport. You stake on a favorite to win by a particular margin of goals, or on the underdog to not lose by up to a particular margin.
  • Total (Over/Under): You are placing a wager that a game will have more (over odd) or less (under odd) goals compared to a predetermined number of goals set by Primobet.
  • Propositions: These are stakes on specific events of the game. Popular props include predicting which team scores first, which player scores first, or the total number of penalties conceded in a match.
  • Futures: Futures are mostly wagers placed before a tournament starts, like predicting which team will win the Stanley Cup when the season ends.
  • Live Wagering: You can explore in-play stakes on ongoing matches, with popular options including predicting the match winner or the next goalscorer. Note that ice hockey live odds are relatively limited compared to pre-match events.
  • Grand Salami: Here, you predict the number of goals to be scored throughout all games played on a specific day.
  • Period Wagering: These are stakes on a game’s specific period. You could stake on the outcome of the first or second period. Period markets are similar to those of a full game.

Essential Strategies to Employ when Betting on Ice Hockey

To win your ice hockey bets more regularly, you must employ elite tips that give you an edge. Here we left some specific strategies to help you make better wagering choices and enhance your winning chances.

  • Always compare the head-to-head statistics of two teams in a face-off before placing a wager. The stats help you know which market type suits the clash. Do both teams get to score a lot when they meet? Is there always a clear favorite? Is an upset realistically possible? Past stats can help you know the answers to these questions and the best bet types to target.
  • Be open to using our bonus offers. Our gifts are constantly updated to match players’ demands, and you should take advantage of them as they do not pose any monetary risk. Play with them for a chance to earn real money wins without using your deposit.
  • Check out reputed predictor sites that offer ice hockey prediction tips on upcoming matches to guide your choices. Even Primobet sometimes offers predictions and tips on some games that may inspire your bet choices. Working with these analyses can do you a world of good. However, note that predictions are not guaranteed certainties.
  • Consider the morale and determination level of participating teams when staking. While morale rarely reflects in stats, they can be the game changer for highly motivated underdogs. So look out for signs.
  • Always check live odds for ongoing matches to see if there are markets you could exploit. Do not disregard in-play markets, as they can be really rewarding.

Place Your Ice Hockey Wagers at Primobet for the Best Odds

At Primobet, we prioritize player satisfaction and consistently seek to deliver the best events and multipliers in Serbia. Ice hockey fans are promised a fly time here, with lots of super rewards up for grabs. They can access our dedicated Ice Hockey window with their PC or dedicated mobile app for the perfect experience.

Our ice hockey betting window covers all matches, including lower-tier face-offs, providing you with multiple options daily. The multipliers we offer are also the very best, rewarding you heavily if you score a successful ticket. Speaking of successful tickets, we try our best to help you win and offer occasional tips to the effect. These tips can inspire you to make better decisions and enhance your winning chances.

If you are looking to stake on the sport today, simply check our upcoming match markets and create a ticket of your best odds.