Primobet Futsal Betting

When people think about soccer, they mostly imagine an on-field game of 22 players, 11 for each team. However, there are different variants of the beautiful sport, and Fustal is one of them. This particular variant is played indoors and on a smaller pitch. There are five players for each team. The ball is smaller and heavier than the traditional soccer type.

Futsal has gained quite a following in Serbia over the years, igniting passion in loyal fans. Its betting markets are also worth discussing, with rich and competitive odds available to maximize. Primobet is one of the top sportsbooks where you can find these multipliers and place real money stakes. We also offer great bonuses to our registered members, giving them a taste of glory. Those who love to play on the go can rely on our mobile offerings, while new bettors can create super tickets by employing proven tips. This text reveals all the details you need to wager on Futsal at Primobet.


Welcome Bonus for Sports

The welcome gift is one of the main ways we appreciate those who create an account with us. We have two distinct incentives: a free bet and an odd booster. Properly maximizing both could significantly increase your payouts if you have a lucky outcome.

Welcome Freebet: This is a 50% bonus promising up to 35,000 RSD on your first deposit. The minimum amount is 500 RSD and will set off 250 RSD. To claim the entire gift, you have to deposit 70,000 RSD. You must use the code POBEDA when crediting your account to activate the bonus properly. You may use the freebet on pre-match or live events, with odds ranging from 1.01 to 2.00. It also works on singles and parlay alike. However, only the wins from successful tickets will be available to withdraw as the offer is an OnlyWin variant. There are no wagering requirements to clear, meaning any win earned from Futsal betting is yours.

Welcome Comboboosts: You can enjoy boosted odds on your first ticket if it is a parlay with at least three events, each with 1.30 odds or more. Yes, Primobet rewards those willing to take bold steps by creating a formidable accumulator ticket. The more events you pick, the bigger the boost. See the table to know the type of boost you may enjoy.

  Number of Events    Additional Multipliers  (Comboboosts)   
   3 to 4   1.20
   5 to 6   1.40
   7 to 9   1.50
   10 to 11   1.70
   12 to 14   2.00
   15 to 19   2.50
   20 to 29   3.00
   30 or more   5.00

Steps to Place Bets on Futsal

Claiming the bonuses here can be very important to funding your ticket. However, there are specific requirements that you must satisfy to start placing a wager on Futsal or any other sport on this platform. We outline these below.

  1. Sign up to get your login details. We require that you provide your real name, home address, date of birth, gender, email, and a unique password. You also agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.
  2. After creating your profile, verify it by uploading snapshots of an official ID document and an address-bearing utility bill/statement of bank account. This information helps verify that you reside in Serbia and are eligible to place real money stakes.
  3. Deposit 500 RSD or more to claim the welcome bonus. The more money you deposit, the bigger your reward.
  4. Head to the Futsal window and explore the markets and multipliers available. Choose the ones that interest you and create a solid ticket.
  5. To activate your ticket, fund it with a valid amount. The platform’s automatic calculator will determine your expected returns for a successful outcome. You can follow up on the results of your ticket by turning on the site’s notification.
  6. If your ticket is successful, the wins will immediately become available in your real money balance. You can choose to process a withdrawal or continue playing for bigger payouts.

Futsal Markets Available to You

Primobet provides its members with a vast Futsal market per event. We look at the most popular types with promising odds.

  • Moneyline: Predicting one of the two competing teams to win the match. Both teams will have their respective winning multipliers, and you can choose the most realistic one. Moneyline is the simplest and most common market.
  • Total Goals (Over/Under): This option lets you predict a match’s total goals. We usually provide a predetermined goal range, with over and under odds available. Choosing the over multiplier means you expect the match to have more goals than our predetermined number. The opposite is the case if you pick the under multiplier.
  • Handicap: This is similar to the point spread system. If team A has a -2.5 handicap, then they must beat the opposing competitor by at least 3 goals for a successful ticket. On the other hand, if it is a + 2.5, then it means that they cannot lose by more than 2 goals for you to win.
  • Correct Score: Predicting the correct score of a match. It is realistically challenging to achieve but very rewarding most of the time.
  • Half-Time/Full-Time: This option lets you predict which team will win the first and second halves. You may also pick a draw for either half.
  • First Goal Scorer: Predicting who will hit the first goal of a match.
  • Anytime Goal Scorer: A popular proposition option where you wager on a player to score a goal in a match.
  • Double Chance: Instead of just predicting a winner or loser for a match, the double chance market allows you to cover two outcomes at a go. For example, you can stake on Team A to win or draw or Team B to win or draw. The double chance odd is typically smaller than the moneyline because you are covering two possible outcomes simultaneously, improving your chances.
  • Draw No Bet: Here, you predict the winner of the match. However, if the game ends in a draw, you lose.
  • Corner: You could predict the number of corners a match will have. The prediction may be for just the first half, the second half, or the entire game. This is a proposition wager and one of the most popular to try.

Winning Strategies for Futsal at Primobet

You can make real profits by consistently hitting successful Futsal betting tickets. Our competitive odds make every payout significant and worthwhile. However, the wins don’t just drop without the work. You have to employ the right strategies to be in a position of strength. Here are some top winning tips for better returns.

  • Compare the form and class of the competing teams. Check their recent performances and head-to-head stats to determine who is better placed regarding skills and psychological dominance.
  • Focus on the less conventional bets as much as possible because they are the real moneymakers. For example, instead of picking the moneyline option, why not consider the Totals market? You can check if the competing teams are free-scoring or not based on recent performances and structure your ticket accordingly to benefit.
  • Deliberately target freebets and use them to fund your tickets. You can claim and wager with our promotions, saving money you have deposited. The welcome bonus offers up to 35000 RSD while reloads, welcome boosts and exclusive gifts are available to reward you regularly.
  • Maximize live (in-play) markets for a chance to earn easy payouts. Live markets can be beneficial because they give you a better understanding of the specific game. You can easily tell if there is a possibility of an upset or which team seems more likely to score the next goal.
  • Take our pre-match predictions and analyses seriously. They can help inspire your choices, increasing your winning chances. Also, research professional predictions from reputed platforms. Their insights are often helpful and could help you make more gains.
  • Take breaks when required. There are great and average days in gambling. You can pause and relax if your experience with a particular session is not going as expected. Give it a shot another time, and you will likely have better luck.

Bet and Win with Futsal at Primobet

Fans of Futsal have endless opportunities at this sportsbook, enjoying access to vast events and amazing markets. The odds are also great, promising big wins on successful bets. Explore all of these special treats by creating your personal account. Our requirements are simple, and you are guaranteed total confidentiality and safety. Once you set up the account, head to the dedicated window for this sport and explore the different available markets. Remember our tips and strategies when creating your ticket for improved winning chances.

Those who enjoy gambling on the go can rely on our optimized website and Mobile App for personalized, convenient sessions. The site works well with all smartphones, and the software is excellent for Android and iPhones. They allow you to personalize your experiences, sending live Futsal results as they happen all over the globe.

Ultimately, Primobet delivers a unique and rewarding experience that keeps you entertained. Explore the different markets available to you today and win big.