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Betting on Field Hockey at Primobet

Register with Primobet to explore the best field hockey betting markets and win like never before. We provide full coverage of the biggest club leagues, international competitions, and grassroots markets in Serbia and the Global space. You can select competitive odds and wager on the biggest faceoffs for real wins.

Apart from our events and markets, we are also massive on incentives, providing multiple ones that new players and established longtime members can maximize. After signing up, you can enjoy our welcome reward to fund your first few sessions and follow it up with regular reloads for most weeks. Comboboosts are also always available for all players who create unique Parlays.


Our website is also one of the most optimized you can find, ensuring a good level of utility on both mobile and desktop devices. Preferably, you can get going with our high-performing mobile application, which is available to iOS and Android users.

In addition, our occasional market insights, predictions, and analysis can do much good for your wager decisions. Do well to watch out for those. Ultimately, whether you are a new or existing user, you can get full access to these resources at any time.

Sports Welcome Bonus

After setting up your player account, you can claim our generous match money bonus and a complementing comboboost to start your wagering campaign on a high. These two bonuses play different roles to help you get settled in and enjoy wins.

Welcome Freebet Offer: Our welcome promo offers new registrants the chance to claim up to 35,000 RSD at a 50% payback. You can benefit from the bonus by depositing at least 500 RSD and up to 70000 RSD. Your deposit triggers half of its value due to the dedicated payback percentage. The bonus code to trigger the promo is POBEDA.

Utilize this offer for both pre-match and live field hockey games. It is also great for parlays or picking singles. However, there are certain terms to be aware of, including odds range. Generally, only multipliers within the range of 1.01 to 2.00 qualify. You may only withdraw earned wins following payout from a lucky ticket, as this is an OnlyWin variant. The good news is that you do not have to worry about playthrough requirements.

Comboboost: The welcome comboboost is a special feature that improves the odds of your first ticket if maximized. To utilize this offer, you need to create a field hockey parlay of three or more events with at least 1.30 odds each. The more events on your parlay, the bigger the boost.

The following index outlines the boosts you can enjoy based on the tickets in your parlay.

Number of EventsBonus Multipliers
3 to 41.20
5 to 61.40
7 to 91.50
10 to 111.70
12 to 142.00
15 to 192.50
20 to 293.00
30 or more5.00

Step-by-Step Guide to Betting on Field Hockey

Players who are at least 18 and have a relevant source of income can wager on this sportsbook. We adhere to all regulatory conditions guiding gambling in Serbia and offer safe services.

Here’s an ultimate guide to placing bets on field hockey and other sports games on Primobet.

  1. Register a player account on our welcome page by clicking the red “Sign Up” button. Fill out the required personal details, such as name, address, birthdate, gender, and email. Create a unique password and accept all terms and conditions. Once the account is live, we will require that you verify your identity and Serbian residency using relevant ID documents. Always keep your email and password safe, as they are your login details.
  2. After setting up the account, proceed to fund your betting wallet with up to 500 RSD to trigger the welcome bonus package.
  3. Once funding is confirmed, navigate the sports menus bar at the right to find scheduled field hockey events and markets. Settle for favorable options on today’s events list, select the games with optimal odds, and set up the best possible ticket.
  4. Fund your ticket according to your budget and preview your payouts with our programmed bet calculator.
  5. In the event of a successful ticket, your winnings will instantly be reflected in your cash balance, which you can withdraw at any time.

Field Hockey Betting Types

This sportsbook offers many markets under Field Hockey. Here is a list of the most popular ones.

  • Correct Score: The correct score wager allows you to predict the exact number of goals that will constitute the final score of a hockey match. This option attracts high odds, as correct scores are pretty tricky to predict. It is the perfect choice if you are daring enough.
  • Straight Winner: Match-winning wagers are pretty simple. You simply predict the side that will emerge as the winner at the end of the selected match.
  • Results by Half: Since standard hockey games are played in halves, you get to predict the results at the end of each half. The multipliers for this one are quite impressive.
  • Double Chance: A Double Chance is essentially an option to bet on two out of three possible match-ending outcomes during regular time. You could stake on Team A to win or tie instead of just predicting that they win or lose like in Straight Winner. However, the odds for double chances are lower compared to Straight Winner.
  • Live: Live bets are great choices here and are sometimes even more favorable than pre-match wagering. As events unfold in an ongoing match, this sportsbook usually delivers updated odds and markets you can stake on. Popular options include the match winner, the next scorer, and several props.
  • Over/Under: The Over/Under option allows players to predict the total number of goals to be scored in a game. We may offer a 6-goal odds, and you can wager that the main match will have more (over) or less (under) than this predetermined number scoreline.
  • Handicaps: A handicap is simply an advantage or disadvantage handed to a team or side to equalize the odds. We may offer Belgium a -2 handicap against Australia. If you take this stake, then Belgium must beat Australia by more than 2 goals for it to be successful.

Aim to Win: Strategies for Field Hockey at Primobet

While Field Hockey betting is fun, it offers you a real chance to earn some cool cash if you take it seriously enough. Gracefully, some certain proven tips and hacks can improve your winning chances.

  • Learn the details of the game To stand a chance of success, you must learn the game’s ins and outs. Understand the rules and know the biggest stars and teams. Having a perfect understanding of the basics puts you in an excellent position.
  • Study the teams. Research the hockey teams you are wagering on, focusing on their recent forms, injury records, and possible in-house rancors. What’s more, analyze how they may fare against themselves by checking head-to-head results.
  • Make the most field hockey predictions. We sometimes offer insights on certain games before they start. Check up these analyses to make informed choices that could increase your chances of winning. You may also study professional prediction platforms to guide your choices.
  • Specialize in a tournament or League. This tip is essential, especially for beginners, as it helps you become an expert in a specific league. If you are ambitious, focus on two tournaments or competitions at most and understand how they work. Covering too many leagues can be overwhelming and lead to poor decisions.
  • Master the markets: To enjoy success, it is important to understand and maximize field hockey markets. Learn how to interpret odds and when to pick a particular market based on circumstances and dynamics. We are thankful that we present you with competitive odds that you can use to create that perfect ticket.
  • Utilize Bonuses: Remember to claim and maximize the bonuses we offer. If applied just right, our bonus features and free bets could give you a good deal of leverage.
  • Stay updated: From market analysis, to match predictions, it is always ideal to stay up to speed with the latest trends in field hockey.

Wager on Field Hockey at Primobet

Wagering with livescore hokej na travi is a thrill many in Serbia have already discovered, and you can also be part of the budding community. We are one of the biggest providers and are keen to facilitate the most inclusive hockey betting services in the country. There are many events and markets to stake on here, all boasting attractive odds that are unique to us.

Explore our field hockey portfolio today by locating the sports catalog at the top of our homepage. You can select games from the several featured events per time and season. There will be games scheduled for today and some for later, which you can readily bet on. For that, download our mobile app today to enjoy a personalized experience and seamless navigation. The app is compatible with Android and iOS and takes less than 2 minutes to install. What’s more, subscribe to our notification services to get updates and stay informed.