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Bet and Win on American Football at Primobet

You are here to enjoy the best American Football odds/multipliers at Primobet, one of the biggest sportsbooks in Serbia with massive coverage. As you know, American Football is one of our biggest sports, and we host multipliers for every faceoff, whether in the Conferences or Super Bowl. That’s why we have consistently delivered some of the biggest Super Bowl multipliers and most versatile props in recent years and will continue to do so.

You can be among the thousands of players all over Serbia benefiting from our markets in this sport while claiming super bonuses. What’s more, we offer a full review of American Football here, including strategies to enhance your winning chances and how to make the most of our tips. Read on to get it all.


American Football and Sports Welcome Bonus

Start your journey in the best way possible by maximizing our rich free bet promo and comboboosts. These special offers make your American Football wagering experience much easier, as they enhance your chances of winning without spending your money. See the different promotions you may exploit once you create your unique login details with this sportsbook.

Welcome Bonus: Grab a 50% welcome offer up to 35,000 RSD using the code POBEDA. It’s important to fill in this combination in the relevant field when depositing into your account. Due to the payback condition, you need to credit your account with 70,000 RSD to claim the entire promo. Smaller deposits will also set off the welcome promo, delivering half their value as free cash.

You may use this promo for prematch and live events, and even create singles or parlay tickets. However, ensure that all multipliers are within the range of 1.01 to 2.00 for the promo to be active. If you win your ticket, only the wins will be available because this promo is an OnlyWin freebie. You have three days to exhaust it before expiration. So be ready for a staking spree that can see you win big time.

Welcome Comboboosts: You are set to enjoy a fantastic comboboost with the first parlay you create. You can benefit from as much as 5.00 added odds to your parlay ticket, significantly increasing your total accumulator. However, only multipliers of at least 1.30 must be on your ticket. Moreover, you should have at least 3 distinct events to activate the comboboost. Our table below expresses how the boost works.

Number of EventsAdditional Multipliers (Comboboosts)
3 to 41.20
5 to 61.40
7 to 91.50
10 to 111.70
12 to 142.00
15 to 192.50
20 to 293.00
30 or more5.00

Betting on American Football at Primobet

To claim the welcome bonuses and start staking, you need to satisfy some requirements. Here, we highlight the steps to take so easily.

  1. Visit our official Primobet website or install the mobile app on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Tap the Sign-Up menu to register. Ensure to fill up your name, date of birth, and other essential details, including an active email and password. Also, verify your account to be a confirmed player.
  3. Fund your account with at least 500 RSD to benefit from our massive welcome package. As you understand, the more you deposit, the bigger your cash reward.
  4. Go to our American Football betting section and explore the different events, markets, and multipliers available. You will see upcoming matches scheduled for up to a week with already-prepared odds. Place as many stakes as desired.
  5. You may create a single or parlay ticket. The latter may see you enjoy Comboboosts if you satisfy the requirements discussed in the previous heading.
  6. Fund your ticket. The programmed calculator will instantly compute your expected return.
  7. Wait for the results and the fate of your ticket.
  8. Continue to wager as much as you want and be ready to maximize more freebets as they come.

Bet Types on American Football

Each American Football match offers many bet options that you may explore for a chance to win big. We diversify our markets as much as possible, delivering some of the most thrilling props for those who want more than just standard wager options. Check out some of the most popular markets this sport brings to you.

  • Moneyline: Predicting which team will win a game outright. Each competing team will have their specific multipliers to wager on.
  • Point Spread: You may stake on a team (the favorite) to win a game by a particular margin of points. If the team fails to win or does win but by a lesser margin, the ticket fails. Conversely, you may also stake on the underdog to not lose by a particular point margin.
  • Totals (Over/Under): Predicting that a game’s total score will surpass (over) or not reach (under) a predetermined number, this sportsbook sets.
  • Props: With Props, you get to stake on specific events that may not necessarily have a bearing on the overall outcome of the game. Popular options include which team scores the first touchdown, which players score the first touchdown, and what the total passing yards of a specific quarterback would be.
  • Futures: This involves predicting what a particular tournament, season or competition holds before it kicks off. It often includes predicting which team will win the conference championship or Super Bowl, or which players will get MVP. There are many futures to consider in a particular tournament. So look out for them.
  • Live: These are special wager options available for ongoing matches. They are basically similar outcomes you could stake on before the start of a game. However, this time, the options available are limited, with different odds that fluctuate depending on the ongoing game. You could stake on which team will win the ongoing match or who scores the next touchdown, among other options.
  • Quarter and Half: These are stakes whose outcomes are determined by the end of a game’s quarter or half.

Important Strategies to Employ when Betting on American Football

Several strategies are worth employing to increase your winning chances on our American Football betting options. We want you to win and do not mind providing helpful strategies. Browse through these tips that may increase your chances of winning.

  1. Check past head-to-head results of the playing teams to make a more informed decision. Consider factors like total goals scored in recent meet-ups, winning margins, and the team of better quality. These facts can help determine the type of stakes to choose.
  2. Try to focus on Quarter and half wagers. These options can see you exploit big odds, depending on the trajectory of a game.
  3. Targeting live bets is definitely a good idea, as you can find sweet multipliers that are realistically achievable. In fact, we recommend that you always budget for live markets, as you may be surprised at how impressive they may be.
  4. Try to make the most of the predictions and pre-game analysis professional predictor platforms offer. These insights are often worth it as they help you make better choices.
  5. Maximize on our different bonus offers to help fund your ticket. They are realistic means to win real money without spending your cash. Free bets, comboboosts, and weekly cashback are promos you may grab while gambling with us.

Place Your American Football Wagers at Primobet for the Best Odds

American Football remains one of the biggest attractions for sports wagering in most parts of the world. Primobet is aware of the sport’s influence, which is why we provide you with the best markets. You can expect to find the most generous odds when playing with us, whether you prefer Both pre-match or live wagers.

It is easy to find all our daily events for this sport at Primobet. You only need to register and open our American Football window. Awaiting you are lots of events and multipliers, including upcoming fixtures. Do not hesitate to explore the different sub-catalogs to find more events for more options.

This sportsbook aims to provide inclusive and comprehensive betting on American Football. Every odd is promising, a gesture you won’t find on other sites. Play with us today and enjoy superb gambling with a platform boasting state license and consistently updated audits.